Please submit this withdrawal form for permanent, leave of absence and medical withdrawals.

Undergraduate Drop forms to be used after the Census Date

Please download and print this drop form after the census date but before the last day to drop to drop a class.  Please note that you need the signature of your advisor and your instructor.  Before the census date, you may drop the class online with no signatures.

2018-2019 Spring drop dates:

Census Date- Tuesday,September 3rd  NO REFUNDS AFTER CENSUS DATE AT MIDNIGHT

Last Day to drop for a grade of "W":

                            Full- semester class: Tuesday, November 11

                            1st Quarter class: Monday, September 30

                            2nd Quarter class: Monday, November 25

                            Accelerated 4-week class - Prior to 3rd class meeting

                            Accelerated 8-week class: Prior to 7th class meeting

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Changes in course registration (adds & drops) must adhere to deadlines published in the academic calendar. Changes that cannot be made online generally require the instructor’s and faculty advisor’s signature. The last day to drop a course with a “W’ grade is ordinarily when approximately 60% of the course meetings (50% for short sessions) have been held. The exact date can be found in the official academic calendar, published online at My Mount Mary (my.mtmary.edu). After the last day to drop a course, the student earns the grade earned on the coursework completed. Once a grade has been assigned, withdrawal from a course is not permitted.


Ceasing to attend a course, notifying the instructor or nonpayment of tuition does not constitute authorized dropping of a course; such actions will result in academic and/or financial penalty, including a grade of "F" and liability for full tuition payment. “Add/Drop” for undergraduates can be done online until the census date. After that time this online form should be used until the last day to drop courses.

MMU Forms to Download and Complete as Necessary
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For Juniors or Seniors who are interested in taking Graduate courses.


This form is designed for use when an Incomplete ("I") grade will be assigned to a student. The Instructor will discuss the Incomplete with the student, if possible, and fill out the form with her. The instructor should submit this form to the Registrar  before the due date for grades. It is acceptable for the instructor to e-mail the student copy of this form to the student for signature if it has not been possible to meet with the student prior to submitting the grade.  The student should then sign and email to the Registrar.  


This form is designed for use when a student wishes to add an Independent Study course. Opportunities for student growth in self-motivation and self-education in areas not covered by available courses by means of independent study are available in most departments. Students should contact the department chair for further information. All independent studies must be approved in advance by the appropriate department chair. Independent studies cannot be offered for core credit, unless by specific exception.


When work experience is a concurrent portion of an academic program, as in an internship, one semester credit hour will be awarded for each 40-45 clock-hour week of supervised academic activity that provides the learning considered necessary to program study.

Students involved in any course of study that requires or offers an optional internship experience must register for the internship during the semester in which the placement is scheduled. Students must turn in the registration form by the census date (last day to add a semester-long class).

Early start and late end dates that are required by the internship site but fall within close proximity (e.g. 2-3 weeks prior to or after) to a specific semester may occur. In the case of a late end date that may extend beyond a deadline to submit grades, faculty and students must submit a Course Completion Agreement Form to the Registrar’s office.

Students participating in placements that require work over multiple semesters must register for the internship each semester.


Please complete with the signature of your advisor and submit to the Registrar's Office

Medical Withdrawal Policy
A student who has missed or anticipates missing two consecutive weeks of classes due to physical, mental, or emotional illness is eligible to pursue a medical withdrawal from the university. The student must contact the School Dean of the school of their first major to request permission for a medical withdrawal, and must provide
satisfactory documentation from her treating physician. If the documentation is deemed inadequate, the student may be requested to provide additional documentation. If granted a medical withdrawal, the student will receive a grade of “W” at any point during the semester. Final approval of the withdrawal will be made by the School Dean of the school of their first major in conference with the necessary university personnel.
If a student is approved for a medical withdrawal, she may also be eligible for a medical withdrawal tuition credit. The student is requested to contact the Business Office and the Office of Financial Aid to determine how her financial aid will be affected, and the actual credit for which she will be entitled. For further information, please see the Graduate or Undergraduate Bulletin.
Advising Forms
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Please look at the online course search for the most accurate and up to date schedule changes.   Priority Registration for Summer 2018 begins Monday, February 12.

Updated 2019 - Please return this form to the Registrar's Office.

We are excited to announce that the Student Success Center (SSC) is now using WCONLINE to schedule SSC tutoring appointments.  This means that you can view, schedule, cancel, and even add yourself to a waitlist; conveniently from on or off campus!  We anticipate that WCONLINE will be easy for you to navigate, and that viewing the weekly staff availability will be helpful for your planning and scheduling needs.  


Attached are the instructions for creating your WCONLINE student account- please register as soon as possible to begin scheduling online.  Your WCONLINE student account will simply use the same username and password information as your MyMountMary account.   Easy peasy!  Please know that you can still always come in as a walk-in, and we will still always be happy to help!