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Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Library & Learning Commons


Welcome to the Haggerty Library & Learning Commons! Study comfortably in our soft seating, use group study rooms, create your own study spaces, study quietly on the Quiet Floor (the 2nd floor), or eat, drink, and study in the café space. Find out more about our library spaces here.
Stop by, or help is just a phone call away at the Reference desk, (414) 930-3056. You can email your questions to or by using the Email Reference Form across this page. You can also IM us in Haggerty Help Guides and on our home page!
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From Haggerty Help Guides

Find books, e-books, and online resources; from Haggerty Help Guides

Get the latest from your library and the world of information!

You can also search for specific MMU authors in TOPCAT. As of May 2013, MMU theses are in electronic, rather than print format.

Sign up for extensive help here--however long you need!smile

Use your personal MMU computer login. Printing accounts are available on-campus only.

NEW! Via TOPCAT. Login required. Librarians will review all suggestions. Please note: a title suggestion does not necessarily lead to a purchase.

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NOTE: you can also just email us at

Note: a much shorter requesting process is available in WorldCat Discovery on our home page.

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Find much more about beginning your research or using your library in Haggerty Help Guides! And find library tutorials here.

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What happens between news and history?

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Quickly figure what library tool(s) to use!

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Quickly peruse the basics of requesting from other libraries!

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Details about our most popular library databases, located on Databases A-Z. To learn about what databases are, click here.

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Updated! NOTE: study room bookings take place in Spacefinder. Click here to start or find it at the bottom of any Mount Mary Web page.

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For those who would like a personal bound copy of their thesis, dissertation, or action research report.

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Past Periodicals are past issues of magazines and journals and can be checked out for 2 weeks. Current Periodicals are the most recent issues and are for library use ONLY.
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To print via PaperCut, choose 2-sided and "flip on long edge."

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From Library Survey Week

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NOTE: while in your account you can also easily request items from SWITCH schools!

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See how MMU students used the library last year!

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Find a few screen shots to help you book a study room!

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5 tools. 5 minutes each. Give it a whirl! Even just one per day will help you and your students!

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