Course Search & Registration Instructions

Course Search Instructions

  • Please click the "Course Search" button to begin. When doing a search, be sure to click the "Search" button with your mouse to start your search.  Do not hit enter as it will cause an error.
  • Be careful when selecting the term you are interested in enrolling in. For the broadest range of results, select a term (Fall, Spring, or Summer), NOT a subterm. 
  • Courses with a section number beginning with M are restricted to Grace Scholars.
  • Check the course description for information about pre-requisites and co-requisites for particular sections.

Enrollment Eligibility for Accelerated Courses (sections A01 and B01)

To be eligible for the accelerated format a student must be accepted to the University as a first-year, transfer or post-baccalaureate certificate student and meet the following criteria:

  • Junior status or higher and 3.0 GPA, or
  • admitted to the RN to BSN degree program

Students may request an exception to this policy through the department chair who is offering the course

Graduate Courses

Courses numbered 500 and above are limited to graduate, post-baccalaureate, and post-masters students.

Registration Tips & Tricks:

  • Undergraduate and post-baccalaurate students must meet with an advisor for clearance before they can register.
  • Complete your registration agreement and personal information update on My Mount Mary before registration! You may have to change the term in course-search and then go back to your to-do list to get these links to populate.
  • Register online during your time-block or any time-block thereafter.
  • During priority registration week, log into My Mount Mary after 8 am on your day to register. If you are logged in prior to 8 am, the system will not let you register until you log out and log back in.