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Information to help prepare for the upcoming HLC Visit can be found on the HLC Visit Prep page.

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University Marketing & Communications

The Office of University Marketing and Communications promotes Mount Mary University to various audiences, including potential students and faculty, parents, donors and potential donors, alumni, government and civic leaders, the campus community, and the community at large.



Mount Mary University recognizes that social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and personal Web sites or blogs, can be effective tools for exchanging information and raising visibility. Please refer to the Social Media Guidelines.

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The Vision:  To be a creative community recognized for preparing leaders with a creative approach who contribute ideas and solutions to the community and beyond.  Download this Creative Community Final Report to find out why becoming a "creative community" is important to us and to our students.
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During the January 2011 all-college workshop, a discussion began about whether we should continue to consider ourselves a college or whether it is time for us to name ourselves a university.  We invite you to engage in the conversation regarding:
  • What might be positive effects of Mount Mary becoming a university?
  • What concerns might individuals have about becoming a university?
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The task force had its initial meeting on July 25, 2011.  The members have compiled a list of five questions which seem to express initial concerns expressed by various constituent groups regarding the possibility of moving from College to University. To address these concerns, the task force held "Continuing Conversations" open to the campus on October 14.  This report is a summary of comments gathered during these conversations.
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The 2011 Sponsorship Review was submitted to the Provincial Council of the Milwaukee Province and to the North American Sponsorship Coordinator. This document testifies to how profoundly the charism and educational vision of the School Sisters of Notre Dame are woven together with the mission and vision of Mount Mary College, founded by SSND in 1913.
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This booklet paints a picture of the distinctive education that is Mount Mary University.  


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University Policies

Stated College Policies
Latex balloons are not allowed anywhere on campus including all outdoor areas such as the parking lots, signs, trees, benches, picnic tables, in the arches, or in doorways.
(.pdf, 58K)
From Campus Security. Issued via Announcements on Thursday, September 4, 2008.
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Flyers must be approved for posting by the Office for Student Affairs, Caroline Hall room 147. Ext. 220
Updated Policy in February 2015.
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