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The Housing Director is Mount Mary's Residence Life website for all your housing needs. You can select your room, find a roommate, and pick out your dining plan using The Housing Director.

THD Self-Service Student Portal Housing Application Steps

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Complete the Housing Application for Fall 2024-Spring 2025 in a few simple steps!

This form does require you to have a campus email and password already set-up. Please contact our IT department at mmu-helpdesk@mtmary.edu with any concerns about your campus email access.


THD Self-Service Student Portal

-Current Students and Newly Admitted Students are Eligible to Apply
-You must have an MMU email address and login for Outlook email to apply
-COPY/PASTE this link to go to THD self-service portal
-The page that loads will look like an Outlook email  page for campus
-Input campus email address and password 
-Students will need to go through authentication steps; Enter number sent to app on phone
-Once logged in, students should see their name and ID numbers on the profile page
-In the upper left next to the MMU logo is a three bar menu button; Click to open menu
-Select "Apps & Forms" to complete appropriate housing application


Questions? Contact the Office of Residence Life at mmu-reslife@mtmary.edu


Student Resident Policies

Please review the document further down this page for updated policies and procedures for Caroline Hall for the 2022-2023 school year. 


What to bring/what not to bring

Residence Hall Packing List:

This list does not include everything that you may or may not need while staying on campus. Instead, this list is meant to help you remember some items that you may miss. Please click 2020_Sept_ES_Residence_Hall_Packing_List_FINAL.pdf to view the list!

If you have any questions about what to bring, please contact Residence Life at MMU-Reslife@mtmary.edu.


Frequently Asked Residence Life Questions

Q: Do I need to bring extra-long sheets?

A: Maybe, our new mattresses are twin-XL but not all of our mattresses have been replaced yet. If you have concerns, please contact Residence Life.
Q: Can I have my bed lofted?

A: Yes, our maintenance staff will gladly loft your bed. After you move-in, your RA can show you how to submit a work order via the Help tab on My Mount Mary. Make sure to include your Room Number! Your request will be honored in a timely manner if parts are available to loft your bed. Residents are NOT allowed to build or assemble their own lofts.

Q: Can I move in early?

A: No, unless you are a member of a student group that requires early move in such as student athletes and some scholarship programs. Your specific move in date and time will be included in your room assignment letter.

Q: What size refrigerator can I have in my room?

A: All rooms are equipped with micro-fridges, which includes a refrigerator/freezer combination and microwave. Therefore, residents are asked not to bring refrigerators from home!

Q: What if I want to make mac & cheese for a late night snack?

A: Each floor of the residence hall has a community kitchen with a stove, microwave, toaster, soda machine, refrigerator, and freezer.

Q: Can I bring an iron and ironing board?

A: Yes you can, however, the iron must have an automatic shutoff for fire safety purposes.

Q: What appliances are allowed in my room?

A: Some common electrical appliances pose a safety hazard in confined spaces. If your appliance is rated over 6 amps (700 watts), has an exposed heating element (coils), or not UW listed, it is not permitted in your room. Appliances NOT permitted in resident rooms include toasters, toaster ovens, space heaters, air conditioners, hot plates, deep fryers, George Foreman grills, candle warmers, or a fish tanks over 10 gallons. 

Q: Can I bring a lamp with a halogen light bulb to campus?

A: No. Halogen bulbs are not permitted, as they produce extreme heat and pose a risk of fire.

Q: Are candles or incense permitted in the residence hall?

A: Candles and incense are not permitted. They pose a risk to life, health, and safety to students and staff within Residence Life. Items not permitted may not be used or stored in student rooms and will be removed and maintained in a safe location by Residence Life Staff until such time that they can be removed from Residence Life property by the owner/resident. If these items are required for religious or other practices, please contact the Office of Residence Life (mmu-reslife@mtmary.edu).

Q: When will I find out where I will be living and who my roommate is?

A: New residents living with roommates will receive the name of their new roommate in their housing assignment letters. You may use the Mt. Mary email system or social media to contact your roommate. Housing assignments will be emailed one month before the first day of classes. Housing applications will be processed on an ongoing basis.

Q: How will I find out what room I’ve been assigned?

A: Housing assignments are made on a rolling basis, and assignment letters will be emailed one month before the first day of classes. Housing applications will be processed on an ongoing basis, and students should allow up to three weeks for a response.

Q: Can I get cable TV in my room?

A: Cable TV is provided for all residents in Caroline Hall. Please provide your own cable cord.


Q: What furniture is included in the room?

A: Each resident is provided with a desk, desk chair, dresser, bunk-able or loft-able bed frame, and mattress. The furniture provided by the college must remain in the room; students may not store or remove college furniture elsewhere within the hall or in another location on or off campus.

Q: How much does campus parking cost?

A: Parking at Mount Mary is included in the general fee, provided you use the designated student parking lot, located at the 92nd Street entrance to campus, with your designated parking permit. Parking in other areas will result in a parking ticket.

Q: Will I have access to the Internet in my room?

A: Absolutely. Within the first few days of staying on campus, visit the IT department, located on the far west end of the lower level of the library. The IT Department will connect your computer to the Encrypted Wi-Fi Network. Your mobile devices can also be connected at this time. Students are encouraged to use only this network. The “Public” Network is designed for commuters and visitors, so please visit IT at your earliest convenience after you move-in.

Q: How safe is the residence hall?

A: The residential floors of Caroline Hall are locked at all times. Unescorted guests and solicitors are not permitted. You will receive a key to gain access to the residential floors, and you should never lend these keys to anyone.  Campus Safety is available 24 hours a day to aid students in emergencies. In addition there are Resident Assistants on duty each night and every weekend to assure the safety of the residents. The doors to all campus buildings lock around 10:00pm each night. The entrance to Caroline Hall, from under the Arches, is the only entrance available after 10:00pm. Upon entering, residents and guests must present identification to the Security Guard to be admitted past this time.

Q: How does mail work?

A: Every resident will receive a locked mailbox on campus, located near the mailroom in the lower level of Bergstrom Hall. Residents should visit the mailroom director to receive their mailbox lock combination once they arrive on campus.

Q: Who sends me mail on campus?

A: Important mailings from faculty and administrators will go out through campus mail. For this reason, residents must check their mail at least once a week! Additionally, anyone you give your campus address to is able to send you mail.

Q: What should I do if I am having problems with my roommate? Can I pick someone else to live with?

A: If you are having problems with your roommate, talk to your RA to set up a meeting or get advice.  Residence hall staff members will help you workout issues with your roommate. If residents have attempted conflict resolution – and IF space permits - room changes may be approved by the Office of Residence Life.

Q: What is the best way to hang things on the walls in my room?

A: It is prohibited to use duct tape, screws, nails, masking tape, and contact strips or hooks. These items can cause extreme damage to painted walls and will require repainting at the resident's expense. Painters tape is a great way to hold things to walls while not damaging them or your items.

Q: Does the residence hall have elevators?

A: Yes. There is one main elevator to Caroline Hall that students use regularly. On busy move-in/move-out days, a second service elevator is activated for residents’ convenience.

Q: Is it “first come, first serve” if I get my housing application in early?

A: Housing applications received prior to May 1st will be assigned. Housing assignments will be emailed one month before the first day of classes. Applications are reviewed according to the date when the $100 housing security deposit is received. The housing staff members try to place earlier applicants where they most prefer.

Q: Can I bring an air-conditioner?

A: No, air-conditioners are not permitted. However, lounges, classrooms, and cafeterias are air-conditioned for comfort.

Q: Do I get to control the heat in my room?

A: Yes! Each room has a radiator, which keeps the space nice and cozy.

Q: Is it necessary to have a meal plan when living in the halls?

A: Yes. The meal plan is included in the cost of room and board, and all residents are required to be on the meal plan. Each meal plan benefits different students. There are two meal plans and two block plans available.

The “19 Meal Plan” provides one meal per meal period for all meals throughout the week, which equals to 3 meals per day and brunch and dinner on weekends.

The “15 Meal Plan” provides 15 meals per week, equaling approximately 2 meals per day with one extra meal for the week or weekend. The “15 Meal Plan” also includes $40 worth of Munch Money that can be used in the campus cafes.

The “135 Block Plan” includes 135 meals throughout the semester, approximately 8 meals per week. The “135 Block Plan” also includes $70 worth of Munch Money.

The “110 Block Plan” includes 110 meals throughout the semester, approximately 6 meals per week. The “110 Block Plan” also includes $125 worth of Munch Money.

Q: What if I have special needs?

A: Please contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator for assistance with accommodations for students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, etc. The Accessibility Service Coordinator will facilitate the coordination of services across campus. This includes Residence Life.

Q: Can my friend and I room together? How?

A: On the “Housing Application”, there is a spot for you to request who you want your roommate to be. Note: Both students need to request each other. Also, it is helpful if the forms are sent in at the same time.

Q: Are there laundry facilities?

A: There are washers and dryers in the lower level of Caroline Hall, very close to the elevator. The machines take quarters. There is a change machine in the laundry room.


Q: What kind of equipment is available for student use (baking pans, cooking supplies etc.)?

A: Pots, pans, cooking utensils, board games and a DVD player are all available at the front desk, located on the first floor of Caroline Hall. You are able to use these items by giving the Front Desk Worker your ID and signing the equipment out. All equipment is due back to the Front Desk before 10pm that evening.

Q: Are pets allowed in the hall?

A: Fish are the only animals permitted in the hall. If you plan to have a fish, you must keep it in a tank that is less than 10 gallons.

Assistant Director of Residential Living

Please contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life (CH 149) or the Graduate Assistant if you have any questions or concerns about living in Caroline Residence Hall.   
 Please contact the Assistant Director or Graduate Assistant at MMU-ResLife@mtmary.edu or call 414-930-3063

Blue Angels Housing Association

Looking to get involved in Campus Housing?

Blue Angels Housing Association (BAHA) is a great way to meet new people, participate in events, and have your voice heard. Please come to one of our bi-weekly General Assembly meetings and get involved today!
For more information about upcoming BAHA events please contact MMU-ResLife@mtmary.edu!

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