Mount Mary University values civic engagement and encourages all students eligible to vote in local and federal elections.

Check for more information on voting later this year!

Students are able to register to vote based on where they are living for elections. This means that resident students, students living in off campus apartments/homes, and those commuting from home are all able to register to vote utilizing their student address.

To register to vote, review registration status, locate polling locations, review election dates and ballots, and to request an absentee ballot students are encouraged to visit this website for WI specific information.

Residential students: Contact the Registrar's office to obtain the proper proof you live on campus. Email

    • Print off what you need, and bring your student ID with you to vote.
    • If your student ID is expired, please visit Public Safety to receive a new student ID free of charge.

For information on other states, review information provided on your specific states Election Commission webpage or contact your city/county Clerk's Office.


Civic Engagement Policies

To review all Mount Mary University policies on civic engagement including petitioning, protests, and student rights, please review pages 4 and 22 of the student handbook.